Fresh Autumn Vegetables 2005

By Betsy Feinberg

Like kids in a candy shop, chefs are combing their local greenmarkets to get the first crack at this season’s fresh fall vegetables. Brussels sprouts, chanterelles, eggplant, and squash are just a few offerings of the autumnal harvest. Diners begin to regain their appetites as the temperature drops; in turn, fall vegetables are best presented as accompaniments to hearty cuts of meat like short ribs, adding vivid flavor and bold color to a well-rounded platter. » more

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Chef Andrew Rothschild of Tsunami – West Palm Beach, FL
Braised Oxtail Stew and Butternut Squash Raviolis

Chef Christian Shaffer of Chloe – Playa del Rey, CA
Roast Rack of Lamb with Swiss Chard and Socca Crepe

Chef Noah Bekofsky of Aria – Chicago, IL
Crispy Duck Breast with Caramelized Belgian Endive

Chef Roly Cruz-Taura of Fifty – Miami, FL
Short Rib Platter with Brussels Sprout Chow Chow


Chef Roly Cruz-Taura of Fifty, a progressive American restaurant opening this fall in Miami Beach’s Ocean Five Hotel, pairs an endlessly marinated, cold-smoked short rib with lively Brussels sprout chow-chow, a vegetable relish believed to have been brought to America by Chinese railroad workers. Chef Roly accentuates the strong flavor of the sprouts with a vinegary base seasoned with dry English mustard.

Chef Noah Bekofsky of Aria in Chicago makes the most of several fall vegetables by serving crispy duck breast atop a bed of caramelized Belgian endive and a layer of sautéed rapini. The sweetness of the melted sugar makes a striking contrast against the bitterness of the endive and tart bite of the rapini.

Chef Andrew Rothschild of Tsunami in West Palm Beach purees butternut squash to make filling for ravioli, which are served alongside rich oxtail stew. For a simpler, ingredient-driven alternative, Chef Jody Denton of Merenda in Bend, Oregon, roasts whole pieces of acorn squash with fingerling potatoes and cipollini onions. To finish the dish, he drizzles the vegetables with balsamic vinegar and crumbled Bûcheron cheese.


  Published: October 2005