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by Siobhan Flaherty Haber and Jane Miller Rennert

A Suped-Up Super Bowl Sunday

Now that all the holiday fuss is over, Super Bowl Sunday provides a perfect opportunity for a casual dinner with friends. Though some would argue that you need little more than a few six packs and a bag of chips for a successful Super Bowl soirée, a few new ideas can set your football fête apart.
  • Make it easy. Now is not the time to impress your friends. Why not go potluck? That way, you can keep things casual and inexpensive.
  • If potluck’s not your thing, try one or more of these recipes:

    Smoked Salmon Pizza with Mascarpone and Capers - Jody Adams
    Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberries - Marcus Samuelsson
    Classic Grilled Burger with Homemade Ketchup - Waldy Malouf
    Broiled Mexican-Style Shrimp with Garlic and Limes - Robert Del Grande

    Check out StarChefs’ Super Bowl feature for more recipes.

  • Most big party stores sell all kinds of football-themed party ware, like football-shaped bowls, NFL balloons, and plastic football toothpicks. On most occasions you would want to avoid such tacky items, but the Super Bowl screams for kitsch.
  • In addition to beer you can spike Gatorade with vodka and put it back in the original bottles. Just make sure you clearly mark all the spiked bottles, lest you get your 8-year-old nephew blotto.
  • Turn your table into a field. If you have a rectangular table, drape it with a piece of green fabric and draw on the yard lines and the end zones with white fabric paint.
  • Make your living room super cozy. Have plenty of comfortable chairs and large pillows on hand so people can kick off their shoes and settle in for the game.
  • Bet on it. Create a betting pool with different point spreads and let everyone place a bet for a small amount, like 5 bucks. That way even the sports novices will be excited about the big game.
  • Give away door prizes, like team t-shirts and other NFL paraphernalia.

 Published: Jan 2004