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by Siobhan Flaherty Haber and Jane Miller Rennert

Give Your New Year’s Eve Party Some Pizzazz

Throwing a memorable New Year’s Eve fête poses a particular challenge for avid hosts. This isn’t just any old shindig. For some inexplicable reason, people expect to always have a blast on New Year’s. Feeling the pressure? There’s no need. Keep these tips in mind and your guests will wake up on New Year’s Day with no regrets that they chose to celebrate at your place.

  • Go for luxury. This is one night when chips and salsa just won’t do. Nothing makes a guest feel more special than being treated to delicacies like caviar and oysters. Now is the time to break out the finest champagne. It’s once a year, splurge.
  • Even if you’re just inviting a few of your closest friends, give E-vite a rest and send out printed invitations.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to do your shopping. Markets are madhouses on holidays; liquor stores invariably run out of good champagne and jack up the prices on what’s left.
  • Add a little sparkle, whether it’s a few sequins on your outfit or the candlelight shimmering through the champagne. Make the room even more sensational by floating dozens of pearlized helium balloons up to the ceiling or by covering the buffet table with a glitzy tablecloth.
  • Jazz it up. Break out the standards like Ella, Frank, and Tony. These classic entertainers will never let you down and will create just the right mood.
  • Forget the TV. Let your party be the focal point of the night.
  • Join in the revelry. Your guests will enjoy themselves more if you’re having a blast. Give a big smooch to the person next to you at midnight - the pressure’s off.
    You’re done.