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And the Survey Says…
Results of the StarChefs Michelin Survey
Published: October 2006

In preparation for the recent release of the 2007 New York City Michelin Guide, conducted a brief survey to better gauge the guide’s role, influence and reception in the American culinary industry. Michelin’s decision to expand to the United States in 2005 was met with excitement within the industry, and wonder as to how the guide would successfully adapt to the unique food culture of the United States. In the Letter from the Editor Volume 6 we examine a few of the challenges and pitfalls that the red guide has faced in New York; the data below is a brief look at the general use and understanding of the Michelin Guide from both a New York and a global perspective.

The 4 largest respondent groups were from New York (17%), California (15%), Florida (8%), and from outside the United States. Foreign respondents accounted for 11% of the total and ranged from Cameroon to Finland to Thailand. 85% of our respondents were food industry professionals; within that group, 42% hail from fine dining and 15% from hotel and hospitality. The largest percentage of respondents were Executive Chefs, though chefs in general (including Chefs, Sous Chefs, Chef de Cuisine, Chef de Partie) accounted for 34% in total.

Survey Respondents by Position

Survey Respondents by Position on

50% of all respondents have eaten at a 3-star Michelin restaurant, but only 36% consider themselves “very familiar” with the Michelin rating criteria, which are as follows: the quality of the products, the mastery of flavor and cooking, the "personality" of the cuisine, the value for the money, and the consistency between visits.

Have You Eaten At Michelin-Starred Resaurants?

Have You Eaten At Michelin-Starred Resaurants? at

How Familliar Are You With The Michelin Rating Critiria?

How Familliar Are You With The Michelin Rating Critiria? on

In a noteworthy distinction between the United States and abroad, only 19% of US respondents consider a Michelin star rating "very important" to a restaurant's success, compared with 31% of foreign respondents.

National Respondent

National Respondent on

International Respondent

International Respondent on

The reading list of a food-savvy New Yorker headed out for dinner can include City Search, NY Times, the New Yorker, New York Magazine and Time Out, to name a few. Of our New York readers, only 10.7% use the 2006 Michelin guide often, and nearly 50% don’t use it at all.

Do You Use The 2006 New York Michelin Guide?
(New York Respondents Only)

Do You Use The 2006 New York Michelin Guide? (New York Respondents Only) on

What Other Rating Systems Do You Pay Attention To?

Do You Use The 2006 New York Michelin Guide? (New York Respondents Only) on

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