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A Video Tour of Intellectual Ventures Laboratory with Antoinette Bruno, Chef William Belickis, and Chef Chris Young





Patent Pending: Secrets from Food Scientists (ICC 2009)


Letter From the Editor Vol.53

Update on Technology in the Kitchen

November 24, 2009

Whether or not you are inspired by technology, it’s hard not to be intrigued by it. Southwestern culinary master Stephan Pyles once told me his outlook on food was immediately changed by a visit to el Bulli. It isn’t as if he planned to change his approach to cooking, but it did change his thinking.
For many chefs culinary innovation and experimentation are the things that get them out of bed in the morning and the thing that keeps them in the kitchen until the wee hours. Similarly, for Dr. Nathan Myhrvold and Chef Chris Young culinary exploration isn’t just a curiosity, it’s a way of life.

Myhrvold is a scientist by training and an inventor by nature. A former Microsoft executive, Myhrvold has devoted his life to solving the world’s culinary problems—not to mention developing a cure for malaria. He’s assembled a team of experts, science-trained Chef Chris Young one of them, and perhaps more impressively a massive warehouse-cum-culinary laboratory with every kitchen and laboratory machine and trinket you could ever imagine—and even some you can’t. Lucky us, we got an exclusive tour of the Bellevue kitchen laboratory and we got it on video, too. Check it out in our featured video

The food scientist duo presented at our recent StarChefs.com International Chefs Congress in September. They explained the genesis of their upcoming—but still untitled—1,500-page cookbook, and shared a few of their innovations. Find out more about their Constructed creams, puffed pork skin, unbreakable cheese fondue, their backgrounds, and more in the Secrets from Food Scientists feature. Don’t miss the video clip of their Congress main stage presentation in the article! Still want more details? You’ll find it in our Cryo-Rendering Duck Breast technique article featuring the mad kitchen scientists!

But technological innovation isn’t confined to the kitchen. Social media applications are becoming mainstream and filtering into our daily culinary lives. Recognizing the value of these applications, we held a Congress seminar on The Power of Twitter with Grant Achatz, Antoinette Bruno, and Roy Choi. Read our feature on the topic to find out how you can elevate your game and your reach with 140-character Tweets.

Speaking of Twitter, we always love hearing from you! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and become a fan of StarChefs on Facebook to keep up with where I’m going and what I’m eating.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Antoinette Bruno




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