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Letter From the Editor Vol.34

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December 2008

It’s been quite a year for us: 26 weeks of travel, four Rising Stars events, recession bruises, launching our second edition of Chefs to Know, and our most successful International Chefs Congress ever.

The year might be winding down, but we're still wound up putting together a slew of seasonal and end-of-year features and making some big announcements for what’s to come in 2009. To start, grab a cup of Stumptown joe—you know I've been spending way too much time in Seattle—or pop open a bottle of bubbly (Jim Clarke has several high end and low end suggestions in his feature), and take a long, leisurely read of our 2008 Culinary Trends feature. In this feature you can read about what trends we’ve seen emerge in 2008 — from the rise of craft beers in beverage menus to the casual-atmosphere/high-end-food concept that’s caught afire in major cities across the nation.

But if you’re still feeling groggy from overly enthusiastic holiday celebrations—or you went on a bender after closing—it’s best that you save the Culinary Trends treatise for later, and focus—or try to focus—on our Hangover Remedies with advice from a few industry experts (a couple chefs, a mixologist, and a sommelier). If it’s not your hangover that will need nursing, but your customers' come the first day of 2009, our New Year’s Breakfast article features one Seattle chef’s ideas for her New Year’s brunch and how she keeps her costs in check.

Browsing new kitchen gadgets and technology always makes a tired chef feel better, right? Peruse our list of eleven of the coolest new kitchen doodads and equipment to make your slicing a breeze (with new Zwilling knives) and your freezing capabilities downright cool (with Irinox’s Blast Chiller and Shock Freezer). Speaking of equipment, we also have results from our Holding Survey: see what chefs really think about the topic in Holding: Not a “Dirty” Word Anymore.

Looking further down the road in 2009, mark your calendars for our fourth annual International Chefs Congress in New York City, September 20th through 22nd at the Park Avenue Armory. This year’s theme will explore “What is American Cuisine?” We're also launching our online community, ICC Connect, for ICC attendees (past and present) to network, participate in discussions and forums, get programming updates, and plan for the Congress.

Last but not least, please take a few moments to take our 2008 Salary Survey. Your feedback is important, and will come in handy the next time someone threatens to walk out the door or when you are searching for your next job.

Happy holidays and we’ll catch you in 2009!

Antoinette Bruno




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