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Letter From the Editor Vol.19

Housekeeping, Archives and the New York Rising Stars

July 2007

While some fortunate members of the fine dining world get ready to take a brief summer vacation, their casual counterparts prepare for one of the busiest months of the year – according to the Travel Industry Association of America, ¼ of all vacationers say food is central to their vacation, and summer travelers can easily account for 30% of sales in casual establishments. At StarChefs we too are getting ready to kick into gear, doing some site-cleaning and making the final preparations for the International Chefs Congress.

First up: our Chefs to Know – a Guide to Chefs for Chefs has gone to the printer! After years of working with chefs, we decided to gather the information from our tastings across the country and put it all in one place. Many of you have been hearing about this since last summer – when we met you in your restaurant, or at an event, or tracked you down on your kitchen phone to bug you about influential stages and indispensable tools – and it’s finally becoming a reality. Look for the book on our site in September and on sale at the International Chefs Congress.
As with everything we do, the idea of the book is to catalyze your success in the culinary industry by providing tools to overcome the obstacles specific to the field. To help us keep our fingers on the pulse of that field, fill out our 2007 Culinary Trends Survey. It’s a chance to reflect on the character of the industry as is, on what the year has held both inside your restaurant and without, and on hopes and predictions for the future. The results will be presented at the International Chefs Congress and on StarChefs.com.

We’ve also been doing some much–needed organizing. We’ve created new archives for some of our most popular features, and have more on the way. As a response to and celebration of the growing Mixology market, we’re creating a Mixology archive to house the spirit, cocktail and mixologist–focused features we’ve published over the years. Our most recent feature highlights The Fabulous Shaker Boys, a roving group of international Mixologists that have literally gone beyond the bar.

And speaking of breaking the mold, we’ve announced our 2007 New York Rising Stars! In a few days their names will be joined by interviews, biographies and recipes that give further insight into their particular talents and the ways in which they’re shaping the future of New York – and American – food. (For a glimpse of what's to come, check out their dish photos here). The breadth of tradition and depth of creativity they embody – from Michael Anthony’s relentlessly seasonal cuisine that elevates the most humble ingredients to new heights, to Yosuke Suga’s modern French imbued with classic French and Japanese philosophy – is thrilling, and a palpable reminder of what an exciting time it is to be in this industry. 

Antoinette Bruno




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