362 US,
79 foreign,
323 US,
314 foreign,
total 637
(44 states, 28 countries)
All schools: 1078


269 US,
53 foreign,
total 322
257 US,
193 foreign,
total 450
All schools: 772

213 US,
29 foreign,
total 242
170 US,
101 foreign,
total 271
All schools: 513






StarChefs and NECI Team Up To Throw Aspiring Chefs Into The Fire

A number of social forces have aligned to drive up enrollment at culinary schools across the country within the past few years. Layoffs across industries, the generally lackluster economy, and the emotional reverberations of 9/11 have driven out-of-work and soul-searching professionals to consider new careers. At the same time, the growing number of celebrity chefs who dominate the media has influenced people all over America to embrace their “inner foodie” and launch their careers in the kitchen. Only five years ago, there were about 250 culinary programs offering degrees. Today, there are more than 400. And according to the American Culinary Federation, culinary school enrollment nationwide has increased 30 percent from 2002 to 2003.

Professionals who are transitioning into the kitchen for their second or third career are wise to weigh the opportunity costs of a culinary arts degree. Professional degrees from most reputable culinary schools cost upwards of $30,000. Recognizing how daunting the expense can be, StarChefs and the New England Culinary Institute (NECI) are jointly offering a number of scholarships for students and budding culinary professionals to pursue their dreams of becoming tomorrow’s celebrity chefs.

The merit-based scholarships will be awarded to applicants who demonstrate exceptional ability, motivation, and the potential to have a positive impact on the culinary field. Winners will be selected by the StarChefs Board of Advisors, made up of such luminaries as Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Bobby Flay, Todd English and Daniel Boulud. Called the StarChefs Rising Star Scholarships, these awards are being granted in conjunction with the StarChefs Rising Stars Revue™, a series of tasting galas held in major culinary destinations throughout the country to honor up-and-coming chefs.

The StarChefs Rising Star Full Tuition First-Year Scholarship will be awarded to one candidate to attend NECI in any of their degree programs. Six Rising Star Advanced Placement Scholarships will be awarded to candidates who have a minimum of three years’ experience in the culinary field. Advanced Placement Scholarship recipients will be awarded $8,000 toward tuition at NECI and will be enrolled directly in the second-year program of studies.

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 Published: June 2004