Ramón Freixa Biography

Born in the early 70s, Ramón Freixa spent his youth in the cities of Igualada and Barcelona. His real passion for the kitchen began at the hand of his maternal grandparents, bakers by profession. He loved to play with flour and sugar, and with them he made his first excursions into what has become his grand passion, pastry-making. At the end of the 80s he finished his bachelor’s and already felt an attraction toward haute cuisine, in following with the footsteps of his father.

He studied hotel management and hospitality for three years at Escuela Superior de Hostelería y Turismo de Sant Pol de Mar in Barcelona, and upon finishing there, he began a journey to some of the finest and most recognized kitchens in Europe to cultivate his vocation. In the early 90s in Belgium, he learned innovative kitchen secrets at La Cuisine des Anges, whose proprietor, Nicolas Pequreau, was a good friend of Freixa’s family. He showed Freixa the latest trends and techniques that formed the base of the chef Freixa is today.

Nicolas, who thought that Freixa needed to learn more, soon put Freixa in contact with two other great centers of Belgian cooking, La Tuffe Noire and Comme Chez Soi, where he worked before returning to Catalonia. Upon returning to Barcelona, his parents, Josep Maria and Dori, gave him new support and sent him to the French countryside, this time to Laguiole and the restaurant of Michel Bras, where he discovered a new world of wild plants and flowers that he soon applied to his first spring menus.

In 1994, he returned to Barcelona where his father gave him a place of honor in the kitchen of El Raco D’en Freixa, where he worked on everything from appetizers to desserts. In 1998 Josep finally decided to retire and Ramón Freixa became responsible for maintaining the prestige that Josep began in 1988 with his first Michelin star.

The Breadbasket at El Raco d’en Freixa on StarChefs.comThis year was an extremely busy for him, as Freixa dedicated himself day and night to the writing of his first book of recipes, “El pa, l’oli i el vi.” His first written work, it was the fruits of his 1996 autumn menu that evoked the basic elements of Mediterranean cuisine and the afternoon teas of the post-war generation, introducing the public palate to surprising and simple things, like bread with olives and wine. In 2001, the Guia Gourmetour gave him the prize of Best Cook and Best Restaurant in Spain.


Chef Ramón Freixa with his Kitchen Staff on StarChefs.com
Chef Ramón Freixa with his Kitchen Staff

   Published: March 2006