Costas Spiliadis
Chef/Owner Estiatorio Milos in NYC

Costas Spiliadis is a native of Patras, a city near the village of Olympia, in the Peloponnesian region of Greece. It is here that his love of the sea and Mediterranean lifestyle began. A true adventurer, Costas decided to attend school in New York and later moved to Montreal to pursue post-graduate work. Montreal became the fortunate city where Costas would open his first restaurant, Filoxenia, and his next one, Milos, which was named after the legendary Greek windmills.

Costas developed a new culinary experience based on open market and open-grill presentations that far surpassed the standard for seafood restaurants. Costas has been heralded as a pioneer in bringing upscale Mediterranean cuisine to North America, dispelling the "Greek Diner" experience.

In August 1997, Costas opened Estiatorio Milos in Manhattan, with the goal to introduce New Yorkers to the sophisticated side of Greek cuisine. He passionately remarked "I must share this cuisine and lifestyle with my friends in New York, it is the only way they can truly experience the freshness of the Mediterranean without getting on an airplane!" Costas has earned the distinction of being the first to present Greek Mediterranean cuisine in its true essence to New York.

Costas is well known in Montreal and New York for his passion for Greek culture. Montreal's Milos hosts poetry readings, art exhibitions and musical performances, fulfilling the role of cultural center as well an ultimate restaurant destination. Costas has lent his name, establishments and energy to many Montreal charities and benefits to promote the arts. He is a prominent member of Montreal's Hellenic community and received the Deka Award for Hospitality from the Montreal Greek board of trade.

Since Milos' opening in New York, Costas has quickly become a fixture in the Manhattan restaurant scene, hosting events not only for the world of Greek culture, but also for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Canadian Consulate.


   published: 2000