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Number 12

Chicago mixologist Tim Lacey’s #12 is an old-school gin and sherry number that will send you back to those dark, cold, wintry Prohibition days, which thankfully will only last until you finish your drink.

Mixologist Tim Lacey
Custom House – Chicago, IL

Winter Solstice

There is a good chance the longest night of the year might become the shortest once you get your first taste of Dallas Rising Star Justin Beamís verjus, bitters and rum cocktail he calls Winter Solstice.

Mixologist Justin Beam
Craft – Dallas, TX


Get a Viking-sized dose of vitamin C as last yearís San Francisco Rising Star Jonny Raglin infuses premium tequila with blood orange before adding bitters and the sweet spice of velvet falernum in his Valhalla.

Mixologist Jonny Raglin
Absinthe – San Francisco, CA

Dickens Cocktail

Let your taste buds read the clean and strong rum, pumpkin spice, and agave flavor tales of the Dickens Cocktail, which you can enjoy fireside with a good novel, or at the Bookmarks Lounge in New York City.

Mixologist Jonathan Pogash
Bookmarks – New York, NY

Published: February 2008