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Cinco de Mayo: A celebration of
Mexican culture
Cinco de Mayo is the most vibrant of Mexican holidays. Commonly mistaken for Mexico’s Independence Day, the holiday actually commemorates the victory of the Mexican army over the French army at the Battle of Puebla. On May 5, 1862, 4,000 untrained and poorly equipped Mexican men battled 8,000 French soldiers in an attempt to thwart French imperialism of South America under the rule of Napoleon III.   more >>

Masa Seca Tamale Dough
Arroz con Pollo Tamales
Coriander-Cured Beef Tamales with Barbecue-Onion Marmalade

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How will you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Readers submitted their favorite Mexican and Southwestern recipes and winners received Tamales, a cookbook by Mark Miller, Stephan Pyles and John Sedlar, from Wiley Publishers.

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The events of May 5th are a source of national pride: after an embattled history including fighting imperialism and colonization from many European countries, the stunning victory of the impoverished Mexican citizens over the French army finally provided the Mexican people with their own independent identity – they could finally call themselves Mexicans.

On Cinco de Mayo Mexicans north and south of the border celebrate their culture and heritage. Mariachi music, colorful parades, and folklorica dancing are common celebratory activites, but the real anchor of the day is the enormous native feast! Foods like tortillas and tamales, sopas and mole poblano are much more traditional than the burritos and tacos found at northern American celebrations. For the children, sweets from a cracked piñata!

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