Searching for Intense Flavor in Cal-Asian Cooking

While Cal-Asian cuisine has become somewhat of a cliché over the past decade, there is one restaurant that takes center stage, grabbing the (kaffir) limelight – MAX Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, just outside of Los Angeles. Although Chef Andre Guerrero’s cooking originates with his Filipino roots, he interprets and experiments with other Asian cuisines, primarily Japanese, Thai and Indian. Guerrero uses aggressive flavors like ginger, wasabi, and lemongrass to achieve a level of boldness unlike most other fusion restaurants. He also grabs your attention with visually stunning presentations, such as ahi tuna towers. If you have a sweet tooth, Guerrero’s Asian flavors contrast well with Pastry Chef Jan Purdy’s rich interpretations of European classic desserts like Chocolate Brownie and Brioche Bread Pudding.


Ahi Rice Towers
Lemongrass Coconut Soup with Chicken Dumplings
Pan Roasted Butterfish with Seared Ginger, Scallions and Soy Broth
Chocolate Brownie and Brioche Bread Pudding





Published: July 2004