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On June 11th thirty young chefs-in-training, and their teachers were presented with scholarships to some of the nation's most prestigious cooking schools by C-CAP President Richard Grausman during an awards ceremony hosted by Chef Gary Coyle at Tavern on the Green. The $260,000 in scholarships awarded to the New York City students were part of the $1,000,000 in scholarships the Careers Through Culinary Arts Program(C-CAP) offers annually to high school students throughout the country.

Awards ranged from scholarships to the world's leading culinary institutions, including the Culinary Institute of America, Johnson and Wales University and The Art Institutes, plus trips to attend culinary classes at CIA, and other destinations in the U.S. and abroad. Awards to local schools include The Art Institute of New York City, The French Culinary Institute, The Institute of Culinary Education and Sullivan Community College.

C-CAP students from New York City High Schools competed for the scholarships at a culinary competition on May 16 hosted The Institute of Culinary Education. The culinary challenge for the competition was to prepare Poulet Chasseur with Pommes Chateau and Crêpes Sucrées with Crème Pâtissière and Sauce au Chocolat-from memory in just two-hours. Students then presented two perfect plates of each to a panel judges including some of the industry's top chefs. Students were graded on techniques, safety, cleanliness, attention to detail, and taste of the dish.

Finals Judges: Donna Abramson, Bright Food; Floyd Cardoz, Tabla; Gary Coyle, Tavern on the Green; Christian Delouvrier, Lespinasse; Michael Lemon, FliK International; Stephen Moise, Corporate Chef Tommy Hilfiger; Cyril Renaud, Fleur de Sel; Jonathan Waxman, Washington Park; Michael White, Fiamma; Student Judge: Christopher D'Orazi, NYCity Technical College.

Students are chosen to compete based on their academic records, a handwritten,150-250 word essay on why they want to pursue a career in the hospitality industry and their desire for continued education. After the two-hour competition, a committee including James Beard Founation's 2001 Humanitarian of the Year, Richard Grausman, founder and president of C-CAP interviewed senior students.


Tottenville High School
Teacher: Warren Schueler
School Total: $110,598

Beth Henrickson: Johnson & Wales University, $40,000
JoAnn Dresch: Culinary Insitute of America/C-CAP Matching, $20,000 total
Danielle Luisi: Culinary Insitute of America/C-CAP Matching, $20,000 total
Ian Bower: Institute of Culinary Education, $18,000
Kristine Cataldo: Art Institute of NYC Pastry Arts, $12,348
Matthew Dunn: R.H. Forschner Award, knife kit valued at $250

Port Richmond High School
Teacher James Ryan
School Total: $8,250
Maria DelaCruz: NYACT Education Scholarship, $3,000
Mike Williams: Le Cordon Bleu Award, $2,500
James Ryan (teacher): Le Cordon Bleu Award, $2,500
Joe Lupoli: R.H. Forschner Award, knife kit valued at $250

Park West High School
Teachers: Gloria Tanderjian & Roger Turgeon
Managing Director: Wayne Berning School Total: $56,000
Shináe McBean: Culinary Institute of America, $36,000
Ariel Walker: Johnson & Wales/C-CAP Matching, $16,000
total Sherifa Thomas: Helena Rubinstein, $3,000
Justin Agosto: C-CAP Education, $1,000
Frederick O'Bair: C-CAP SummerChefs Award

School of Cooperative Technical Education
Teacher Edwin Serna
School Total: $16,200
Glendalee Rodriguez: 1/2 Art Institute of NYC, $15,950
Scott Steward: R.H. Forschner Award, knife kit valued at $250

Long Island City High School
Teachers: Terry Matsis & Sean Ahern
School Total: $48,440
Johnny Cardenas: French Culinary Institute, $24,990
Kirara Jung: 1/2 Art Institute of NYC, $15,950
Joey Spatola: Elizabeth Alston, $5,000
Maria Patiño: Le Cordon Bleu Award, $2,500

Christopher Columbus High School
Teacher: Alan Richter
School Total: $6,000
Hector Osorio: Sullivan County Community College/C-CAP Matching $4,000 total
Eunju Pak: C-CAP Education, $2,000

John Dewey High School
Teacher: Reesa Levy
School Total: $7,990
Shatoya Jackson: Helena Rubinstein, $7,000
Ray Mojica, Jr.: CIA Career Discovery, $990

Erasmus Hall HS for Business & Technology
Teachers: Dr.Thomas Lenihan & Bill Homolka
School Total: $2,250
Sarai Ramos: C-CAP Education, $2,000
Janelle Philogene: R.H. Forschner Award, knife kit valued at $250

William E. Grady Technical High School
Teachers: Susan Caprio & Don Kontos
School Total: $2,090
Gary Milton: CIA Career Discovery, $990
Susan Caprio (teacher): CIA Career Discovery, $850
Cadisia Phillips: R.H. Forschner Award, knife kit valued at $250

George W. Wingate High School
Teacher: Barbara Joseph
School Total: $1,000
Raheem Caldwell: The Natalie & Murray S. Katz Scholarship, $1,000
Marsha Torres: C-CAP SummerChefs Award

ABOUT C-CAP: The Careers through Culinary Arts Program is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and provide career opportunities in the foodservice industry for youth through culinary arts education. C-CAP strives to equip students not only with the skills required to succeed in the workplace, but to impart the lasting assets of self-esteem, self-reliance and the value of working together toward a common goal. C-CAP provides educational enrichment, training and motivation. Now in seven locales in the United States, C-CAP has awarded more than 800 scholarships worth almost $8 million since 1990.
This year, 38 New York City schools-including 56 teachers and 1500 students-participated in C-CAP.