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vol.2 Chef Pichet Ong of P*ong – New York, NY

November 2007
Caesar Salad by Pichet Ong of P*Ong on StarChefs.com

Romaine Hearts

Ask a pastry chef to make you a Caesar Salad and watch the magic happen: Ong separates the yolks from the whites to make a classic sabayon (transforming the fat into something deceptively light and airy) then amplifies the flavor with Parmigiano Reggiano. The dressing is a warm and silky scarf on a whole head of cold lettuce, with croutons warmed to order.

Mushroom Tart  by Pichet Ong of P*Ong on StarChefs.com
Warm Mushroom Tart
The tart is a true study in seasonal mushrooms – chanterelles, crimini, shiitake, portabello, and porcini gently dabbed with white truffle perfume. One variety is gently pickled, another sweated down and caramelized, so that each mushroom preserves its identity as it’s tucked into a pastry shell – the kind you’d expect from Ong: delicate and tender.
Trout Caviar and Crème Fraiche Ice Cream by Pichet Ong of P*Ong on StarChefs.com
Smoked Trout Caviar Parfait
The classic flavor profile of caviar, crème fraiche, and cracker P*ong-style sees the crème fraiche turned into an effortlessly luxurious ice cream, the cracker salted and gently smoked, and the cold caviar dusted with salty vanilla crumbs.
Chocolate-Pinot Noir Braised Duck by Pichet Ong of P*Ong on StarChefs.com
Chocolate and Pinot Noir Braised Duck
Everything about it says classic comfort food – from the cast iron pot to the kabocha tapioca dumplings and rich sticky lacquer – but Ong’s braised duck is no ordinary duck, and every now and then a bite is peppered with a tiny crystal of wasabi – sweet, hot, crunchy, and as playful as a wasabi pea.
Bread Rolls by Pichet Ong of P*Ong on StarChefs.com
Bread Rolls
A simple tray of soft warm bread rolls is complemented by a mildly bitter olive oil – the chocolate bread has a fluffy cocoa-scented center and the rosemary bread has hints of sweet roasted olives.
Kabocha Squash Soup with Coconut Milk by Pichet Ong of P*Ong on StarChefs.com
Kabocha Squash Coconut Soup
This vibrant seasonal soup balances both vegetal and chocolate sweetness with chili heat from tiny savory pools of spiced oil. A light sprinkling of crumbled walnut amaretti provides texture and prepares the diner for Ong’s integrated sweet-savory menu.