Features 2008 Salary Survey
Welcome to the 2008 Salary Survey!
December 2008

StarChefs.com is conducting its fifth annual salary survey. Your feedback is important, and will help us further understand the culinary industry. Please help us shed light on these valuable statistics which will empower you when hiring your next employee or searching for your next job.

Complete the survey and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win prizes to the 2009 StarChefs.com International Chefs Congress, September 20th-22nd in New York City. For an overview of last year’s results, click here.


StarChefs will randomly select winners for the Salary Survey prizes:
1st place: 2 passes to the International Chefs Congress in New York City on September 20-22, 2009, plus a $300 travel voucher (if you are located outside the NY metropolitan area).
2nd place: 2 passes to the 2009 International Chefs Congress.
3rd place: 1 pass to the 2009 International Chefs Congress.

To be eligible for the International Chefs Congress prizes, please fill out all questions and enter a working email address at the end of the survey. Winners will be chosen randomly by April 1, 2009.