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Bob Crowley
Bob Crowley
Ground Round's parent company, American Hospitality Concepts, Inc.
703 Granite Street
Braintree, MA 02184

Bob Crowley has more than ten years experience as a Human Resources professional in the restaurant and hospitality industry. He joined the Ground Rounds parent company, American Hospitality Concepts, Inc., in 1996 as Director of Recruiting. He was soon promoted to his current position  Director of Human Resources & Training. In this role, Bob oversees training & development, new restaurant openings, recruitment, employee relations, compensation, corporate events and communications to support more than 6,000 employees at 130 Ground Round locations in 20 states nationwide. Last year, the Ground Round chain was recognized as Employer of Choice by the National Restaurant Association for their exceptional efforts in the areas of employee recognition, retention and management development.

Prior to AHCI, Bob held several positions of increasing responsibility in Human Resources with companies including Sheraton Tara Hotel/The Flatley Co. in Braintree, MA, Back Bay Restaurant Group, Inc. in Boston, MA and Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI.

Bob is a member of both the Society for Human Resource Management and the Employment Management Association. He is a graduate of Curry College in Milton, MA and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management/Human Resources. He has been a guest speaker on the topics of recruitment, career planning, and diversity at Johnson & Wales University, the New York Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show and Washington State University.

Q:Hi Bob,
I wrote you several months back so I won't go into details of my situation.
I live in a smallish market (100,000) so the opportunities are limited. I know I will have to relocate and I am ready for a change anyway. Of course i would prefer to be reimbursed but I am not opposed to paying myself if it is a position and location I like. In listings you will see 'No Relocation Allowance' or nothing said at all in this regard. I don't want not to be considered for a position I am interested in because employer can't or won't pick-up the cost.
Should I state this in my cover letter? If so, can you suggest a tactful way of doing so.
Thanks for your time.

Stephen Cupp,
Columbia, MO
A:You can mention in your cover letter that you are willing to self relocate. Companies offering relo assistance will still provide the benefit while companies not offering the benefit will also consider you.

--by Bob Crowley
--Ground Round's parent company, American Hospitality Concepts, Inc.

Q:Hello, I am a freshman Culinary Arts major working towards an associate's degree at Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island. Here there are many majors to choose in order to persue my career path, but I want to know which is best for me. I'd like to be an Executive Chef/ Restautateur, so should I get a bachelors in Foodservice Management, Foodservice Entrepreneurship, or Culinary Arts?

A:Everyone will have their own opinion about this but my recommendation is to get your AS in Culinary and your BS in Management rather than all four years in Culinary. Go ask my friends in the Career Development Office!

--by Bob Crowley
--Ground Round's parent company, American Hospitality Concepts, Inc.

Q:Dear Bob,
I have been living in hotels since i was born, and i know everything about hotels, im still 18, and im in college now, im studying business administration, and i will get 2 certificates, 1 from my college, and the other 1 is from regency in london, and between every 4 years, i will be going on a training course in hotels in Estonia, Italy, Germany, Kenya and Egypt. After im done with college, i will gave a 6 months course in Cornel, then Lousan (another 6 Months). Is this enough to qualify me to work in hotels?

Omar Hanafi,
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
A:It should have no problem! Good for you.

--by Bob Crowley
--Ground Round's parent company, American Hospitality Concepts, Inc.

Q:I am a pastry cook and am dying to go to France and work as a stagiare. Unfortunately, I do not have any French contacts - any suggestions on how I can make this happen?

A:I would try networking with faculty at one of the US Culinary schools such as CIA. Also try your local restaurant association or the American Culinary Federation.

--by Bob Crowley
--Ground Round's parent company, American Hospitality Concepts, Inc.

Q:Would you have a suggestion for a short term pastry course in New York city that is not too much expensive? I am a brazilian and I intend to spent some month in the states.I am experienced in prastry cooking but self employed for the last years.

Luiz Maraga,
Rio de Janeiro Brazil
A:I do not but try the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation or the local restaurant association in NY.

--by Bob Crowley
--Ground Round's parent company, American Hospitality Concepts, Inc.

Q:Mr. Crowley,
I have been cooking for over ten years, and have worked in many different types of kitchens. I take my chosen profession very seriously, but sometimes a little too seriously. It is very difficult to be a woman in a kitchen full of men. They tend to not take me seriously which pushes me to work harder and faster to be noticed, but in doing such I come off as a know-it-all, but that isn\'t what I\'m trying to achieve. I\'m just trying to get the respect, and credit I think I deserve. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to better myself, and get noticed without going overboard.

Thanks for your time

Kristin Costa,
East Providence, RI
A:Just keep working hard and be yourself, don't overcompensate for other people's problems. If this doesn't work, find a more professional place to work!

--by Bob Crowley
--Ground Round's parent company, American Hospitality Concepts, Inc.

Q:Bob how can I find a job in Vegas while I am still in Missouri I am a Restaurant Chef with european backround and I am planing to move there in June 2004.
Thanks a lot

Resad Botic

Resad Botic,
Saint Louis
A:Well you can get some interviews via a search firm or the internet but ultimately you will need to go to Vegas for a face to face interview.

--by Bob Crowley
--Ground Round's parent company, American Hospitality Concepts, Inc.

Q:hello bob...i am an irish chef who is looking to gain experience by working abroad in the united states....what would you suggest is the best way to go about getting sponsored, since it seems to be very difficult...thank you for any information that you can offer....shane o'neill

shane o'neill,
kilkenny ireland

I know it is tough to do but it can happen. Look at the larger companies to see what is being offered. Check with large chain restaurants and hotels.

Also, check with the various agencies that assist with these cases.

Good luck.

--by Bob Crowley
--Ground Round's parent company, American Hospitality Concepts, Inc.

Q:I am a chef and would like to know how to become a teacher at a culinary school.what qualifications do i need.

A:Typically you need a BS but many schools are beginning to require Masters degrees. Also, a healthy dose of real world experience.

Good luck!

--by Bob Crowley
--Ground Round's parent company, American Hospitality Concepts, Inc.

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