International Chefs Congress
A Kitchen Without Boundaries


“Some of the best chefs in the world are working in America these days and it’s a great pleasure to be presenting among them in New York.”
Joël Robuchon
Paris, France

“I was really proud to have been able to be part of it...I sent some of my cooks and they came away with comments like ‘it was truly inspirational’ and ‘awesome’.”
Patricia Yeo, Executive Chef
Monkey Bar
New York, NY

“The Chef’s Congress is sort of like a 3-day extension of that moment in The Prestige when David Bowie, playing Nikola Tesla, throws the switch connected to all the coils: Sparks shoot out everywhere, and the crowd goes nuts.”
Hugh Merwin
The Gothamist
New York, NY

“We were very pleased with our participation in the 2007 Star Chefs Congress. I must comment on how impressed I was by the tone of the event as a whole; a lot of top people participated, and there seemed to be a real sense of community and a great deal of enthusiasm. It was exciting to be involved, and I think that Star Chefs is maturing into a great organization.”
Cate Evans
Teuwen One Image / The Loire Valley Wine Bureau
New York, NY

“The International Chefs Congress was the most unique trade ‘event’ I have ever attended, and it was done with much class.”
Jim Marmion
Advance Gourmet / PacoJet
Greensboro, NC

“You gained lifelong fans of StarChefs!...[we were] wowed by the whole event and truly appreciated the opportunity to be there.”
Kathy Blake
Lewis and Neale for Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma
New York, NY

“Thanks for making the Chef’s Congress the best professional resource in America.”
Will Goldfarb
Picnic, Mama Sugar
New York, NY

“The International Chefs Congress was inspirational. It delivered everything I wanted.”
Lex Poulos
Jade Range
Brea, CA


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