Day 1 of the 2008 International Chefs Congress

Day 1 Wrap-Up

Day 1 of the International Chefs Congress started with a philosophical note. In her welcome address, CEO Antoinette Bruno’s spoke about major industry trends and the importance of coming together as an industry. She discussed the theme of the Congress – “The Responsibility of a Chef” – and tied it to a philosophical shift that has occurred in recent years as chefs embrace a new power and more responsibility.

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Monday morning started with a slew of hands-on workshops and tastings. On the savory side, Brian Polcyn praised fat and salt, the foundations of charcuterie, as he led his group through three classic recipesóchicken galantine, Tuscan salami, and cold-smoked salmon.

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To start the day on the main stage, Daniel Boulud (Daniel, New York) gathered three of his executive chefs and a plethora of pork products (including a whole, glistening pig) for a presentation on mentoring and on pork from head to tail.

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Event and Dish Photos from the congress.

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2008 Innovator Awards
2008 Innovator Awards Congress Welcome Address 2008 International Chefs Congress
Learn more about the 3 chefs and 4 products honored at the 2008 ICC Innovator Awards!

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Wrap-Up by Heather Sperling with contributions from Tejal Rao, Grace Nguyen, Lynley Fleak, Anna Mowry, Danny Bonvissuto, and Erin Hollingsworth

   Published: September 2008