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Grains and Legumes

Alford, Jeffrey and Duguid, Naomi

Seductions of Ricee

The authors that brought you the Cookbook of The Year, Flatbreads and Flavors, have traveled to the major rice eating regions of the world and experienced firsthand dozens of varieties of rice with unimaginable subtleties of taste, as well as the staggering array of foods that must accompany them. In Seductions of Rice, they bring it all home: hundreds of delectable dishes, from the worlds latest rice cuisines, illuminated by stories, insights,and photographs.
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Christine Ingram

Rice, Risotto, Pilaff, and Paella

A beautifully illustrated guide to the univeral grain. The books opens with an introduction to the many different types of rice and the products made from it. Then, with a tour of the world, the recipe sections presents more than 200 easy-to-follow recipes in a mouth-watering display of the versatility of rice. Over 500 wonderful color photographs will help you explore and appreciate the amazing repertoire of this simple staple food.
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Mark Miller, Stephan Pyles, and John Sedlar

Tamales by Mark Miller, Stephan Pyles, and John Sedlar

The original “wraps”, tamales are a popular feature of Southwestern and Mexican cooking. Famed chefs Mark Miller (of Coyote Café), Stephan Pyles and John Sedlar offer classic and modern takes on the tamale, including countless variations of flavors. A delight for the eye and the palate, Tamales is the perfect book for Mexican food fanatics.
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Jenni Muir

A Cook's Guide to Grains : Delicious Recipes, Culinary Advice, and Nutritional Facts

Grains are one of the most tasty, versatile and nutritious food sources available, a delight to eat and easy to cook. In this new work, Jenni Muir travels the world, discovering indigenous grains and the best recipes for using them. The first part of the book provides an in-depth look at each of the grains and the second section features over 100 recipes, taking you from breakfast through to dinner. Jenni explains how to vary the dishes according to the grains you have and also recommends an exciting range of accompaniments that will transform each dish to suit the occasion.
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Marie Simmons

Amazing World of Rice : with 150 Recipes for Pilafs, Paellas, Puddings, and More

Bon Appétit monthly columnist and award-winning cookbook author Marie Simmons offers a complete reference work and cookbook on rice, the world’s most popular staple. Learn how to select the right type for every dish, as well as the best way to prepare and cook each kind. Also included are sauces to serve over rice, recipes for leftovers, and information on rice products such as rice flour, mochi, and sanko. With sections on "rice vocabulary," the history of rice, and alternative uses for the grain, this is not only a book of recipes but also a much-needed culinary resource.
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Search cookbook authors by the first letter of their last name.

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