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Cooking for Kids

Eileen Behan, R.D.,

Fit Kids: Raising Physically and Emotionally Strong Kids with Real Food

One child in five weighs at least twenty percent more than his or her ideal. Clearly our toxic relationship with food is being passed onto our children, with devastating results. Changing that relationship--and nurturing physically and emotionally fit kids--is easier than we think. In this guidebook, Eileen Behan, a registered dietitian for more than twenty-five years, has compiled all the advice we need to combat--and undo--damaging diet habits. This is a true lifesaver, giving parents the straight scoop for handling the tricky issue of childhood obesity and providing a sensible, step-by-step diet and activity plan so kids can lose weight safely, boost self-esteem, and strengthen family ties. Read this book--and do your kids a favor they will appreciate for the rest of their lives.
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Clare Crespo

The Secret Life of Food

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Vicki Edgson

Food Doctor for Babies and Children : Nutritious food for Healthy Development

The best-selling "Food Doctor" (a leading clinical nutritionist) invites parents to experts on kids' health and nutrition. With her menu-planning wisdom, you'll turn the kitchen table into a fun place for your children, and also promote high energy, brain growth, strong bodies, weight control, and immunity from disease. Delicious recipes, including vegetarian dishes that will actually get a hearty thumbs-up from kids, focus on youngsters' nutritional needs from birth to adolescence.
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Marilu Henner

Healthy Kids : Help Them Eat Smart and Stay Active--for Life!
Raising and feeding children today means going up against the powerful commercial and cultural forces of the fast food industry, omnipresent junk food advertising, television paralysis, computer games, and an increasing trend toward obesity. In her book Healthy Kids, Marilu Henner offers a fresh, compelling vision of the healthiest ways to feed and nurture growing children. She guides her readers step-by-step through pregnancy, childbirth, and the various stages of children’s lives, arguing that healthy food equals healthy kids, and that the Standard American Diet simply will not get the job done.

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Miriam Jacobs

School Lunchbox Cookbook

It's no mere coincidence that the easy availability of fast food to school children, both in school cafeterias and off campus, is increasing as obesity among American kids is reaching an all-time high. Author Miriam Jacobs tackles the problem in this cookbook, which gives recipes and tips for harried parents concerned with their kids' nutritional well being. The recipes are designed to be easy and fast to prepare, nutritious and good to eat, and so much fun that even the kids will want to help.
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Melinda S. Sothern, et al.

Trim Kids : The Proven 12-Week Plan that has Helped Thousands of Children Achieve a Healthier Weight

In this world of fast food, television, and video games, more children are eating too much and are not active enough: 1 in 4 kids are unhealthily overweight. Now, the experts who have helped thousands of children lead healthier lives have assembled the Trim Kids program. This is a unique plan providing a positive, safe initial approach to lifetime weight management. Each week, families practice proven ways to increase activity and exercises designed for their child's weight level; enjoy dozens of menu plans with nutritious, kid-tested recipes, and discover shopping lists and dining out tips?perfect for busy caregivers.
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Alice Waters

Fanny at Chez Panisse

A renowned cook and the owner of Chez Panisse, Alice Waters introduces the joys and pleasures of food and cooking to her daughter, Fanny. Alice's new book includes 46 recipes for easy-to-make and delicious foods that will become kids' instant favorites--from banana milkshakes and green apple sherbert to spaghetti and meatballs, french fries, and pizza. Watercolor illustrations.
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Julie Whittingham

50 Ways to Take the Junk Out of Junk Food : Quick and Healthy Treats to Make with Your Kids

A collection of 50 recipes for snacks and treats that are nutritious and simple enough to be prepared in 15 minutes or less. This book offers tasty (even to kids!) alternatives to the sugar- and fat-rich snacks that nutritionists tell us form far too large a part of the diets of many American children. It provides creative ideas to reverse the unhealthy diet habits of kids who may suffer from obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, mood swings, and tooth decay. These recipes are fun, simple, and fast, and can be the start of a new tradition in family healthy eating.
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