Rising Star Sommelier Seth Roskind of 4th & Swift – Atlanta, GA

Rising Star Sommelier Seth Roskind of 4th & Swift – Atlanta, GA

Wine Tips for the Sommelier

Bring guests into the fold. Do not “withhold the keys” as so many have done before. We should encourage guests to trust their own palates, as well as explore and push their comfort levels.

Teach and train your staff well. The knowledge and skill displayed by your staff speaks more highly of you than doing everything yourself.

Seek and offer unique and unusual experiences to your guests. Find underappreciated wine regions, grape varietals, and wineries.

Remember that you vote with your money. Support those people and wineries that match your personal beliefs. There are so many wines available now that you don’t need the “named” winery to have a worthy list. You need a thoughtfully and skillfully created list, and those that reflect you as a person are worth more than those that are obvious.

Change your list regularly. If you have a menu that changes with the seasons, you should look to match that evolution. Even if your menu doesn’t change, the weather and moods of your guests will.

Maintain a continuous thread of thought throughout the restaurant. The chef’s cuisine and approach should be matched with a complementary beverage program—one that runs through the wines, beers, and cocktails offered.

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