2015: Foods to Watch

It only takes a quick swipe through Instagram to see some of the micro-trends that emerged in 2015. Here are some of our favorite foods that made splashes on menus across the country.

  • Granitas are making a big impact on temperature, texture, and flavor in both the savory and pastry realms.
  • Horchata bounced into panna cottas and made guest appearances in cocktails.
  • Chips and dip took over fine dining rooms from New York to Seattle in 2015.
  • Chefs are getting more sauce savvy, making their own hoisin, XO, and kewpie mayo.
  • You should look out for more yogurt in your cocktails—that is, if you can wean yourself off the avalanche of slushies cropping up in bars across the country.
  • Chefs used seeds to deliver the most satisfying crunch factor of the year.
  • Porridge is so hot right now—whether its congee-meets-risotto or enticing, ancient emmer. 
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