Villa Roncalli


Chefs Maria Luisa and Alessio Bonnucci of Villa Roncalli - Foligno, Italy

Via Roma 25
Foligno, 06034
+39(0) 742-391091

If you want the real off-the-beaten-path Italian experience, head to this Umbrian gem—if you can find it. Tucked away on a hillside in the ancient town of Foligno, Villa Roncalli offers both a beautiful villa-style guest house and a restaurant not to be missed. Helmed by Chefs Maria Luisa and Alessio Bonnucci, the soulful, earthy menu is comprised of local produce, much of it farmed on the property, and simple dishes that pop with fresh flavor.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Fried Eggs, Potato, Zucchini, Castelluccio Norcia Lentils, and Rosemary

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