Two Tarts Bakery


Pastry Chef Elizabeth Beekley of Two Tarts Bakery - Portland, OR

2309 Northwest Kearney Street
Portland, OR 97210
(503) 312-9522
Hours: Tues-Sat 10:30am-6pm; Sun noon-5pm

There aren’t enough cookie bakeries in the world. The saucy Pastry Chef Elizabeth Beekley opened this “fire-truckin’ sweet” one, and heads a mostly-female team here (nicknamed Art Tart, Super Tart, you name it). The pumpkin-colored bakery is replete with flowers, embroidery, and warm wood. Settle in for cookies and lemonade, or opt for their out-of-the-box macaroon flavors.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Sterling Roasters Coffee Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Macaroons: Chocolate Malt, Passion Fruit Creams, Little Mommas, and Cappuccino Creams
  • Lemonade

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