Chef Takashi Inoue of Takashi - New York, NY

456 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014-3781
(212) 414-2929
Hours: Mon-Thu 6pm-11pm; Fri 6pm-12am; Sat 5:30pm-12am; Sun 5:30am-11pm

The “beef, whole beef, and nothing but beef” philosophy of Takashi combines the eponymous head chef’s Korean heritage and Japanese upbringing, doing for (sustainably raised, antibiotic-free) beef—and innards—what sushi does for fish. Hardly for the faint of heart, or stomach, Chef Takashi Inoue’s menu offers everything from raw liver, third stomach, and flash-boiled Achilles tendon to rib-eye and seared tongue sushi. The clean, semi-industrial interior looks like a modern Japanese izakaya—the perfect place for an off-cuts lover to test his or her mettle against the creativity and endless variety of Inoue’s way with all things beef. Vegetarians might miss out, but they’ll have extra room for the salted caramel soft serve with roasted green tea.

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