Sushiso Masa


Chef Masakatsu Oka of Sushiso Masa - Tokyo, Japan

4-1-15 Nishi-Azabu
Tokyo, Japan 106-0031
+81 (0)20 7629 8886
Hours: Mon 5:30pm-11pm; Mon-Tues noon-3pm; Tues 6pm-10:30pm; Wed-Sun noon-2:30pm; 5:30pm-10:30pm

From the outside, nothing about Sushiso Masa stands out. You might walk past its non-descript entrance several times before realizing where it is (as we did). Once inside, there are but a few bar seats and no menu. No matter; once you’re inside you are in good hands. Masa has distinguished itself in its approach to fish (i.e., whitefish and sardines are the restaurant’s specialty, typically considered “low end” fish among sushi restaurants). And during its 35-course meal, Chef Masakatsu Oka serves many lesser-known but highly prized elements, such as monkfish liver (known as “the foie of the sea”), firefly squid (both raw and grilled), and red Hokkaido uni, a seasonal (and much more buttery) urchin species. And the chefs at Masa do not merely serve raw fish, but instead punctuate the sashimi with lightly grilled fish and offal.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Broiled Trout Belly
  • Ankimo Monkfish Liver
  • Geoduck Clam
  • Hokkaido Uni

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