Street Food 360


Chef Josh Lanahan of Street - Portsmouth, NH

801 Islington Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 436-0860
Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am-9pm; Sun 10am-3pm, 4pm-8pm

Street’s industrial meets modern space embeds art, sculpture and exotic comfort food under one roof. Adorning the restaurant, handcrafted sculptures from reclaimed bicycles hang from the ceilings with modern art (some done by the employees themselves) on the walls. Josh Lanahan, who spent time travelling across Southeast Asia and seeking out the world’s best comfort foods, combines his penchant for the East and a desire to comfort his guests by serving dishes like bibimbap, the increasingly popular Cemita Sandwich, and Asian-inspired—and shatteringly crispy—chicken wings. Lanahan’s heavy on umami and likes to kick it up a notch with a heavy hand of gochujang or chipotles and will definitely leave you wanting more.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Cemita Pueblan Sandwich
  • Singapore Salad

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