Chef Preston Clark and “Beer Guy” Julian Kurland of Resto - New York, NY

111 East 29th Street
New York, NY 10016
(212) 685-5585
Hours: Mon-Fri noon - 11:30pm; Sat 10am -11:30pm; Sun 10am -10:30pm

Empty beer bottles line the floor, jazz pumps through the speakers, and a grandma’s greenhouse worth of plants dots the windowsills at Christian Pappanicholas’s Resto. The interior of the restaurant doesn’t take itself too seriously. What’s serious at Resto is meat and beer. Chef Preston Clark executes a deft charcuterie program—from old-school terrines and pâtés to modern staple pig ears and singing sweetbreads. And he excels at large format plates, perfect for devouring in a carnal, communal gathering. And what better way to wash down Flintstone-sized lamb ribs than with one of 500+ beers on the menu? “Beer Guy” Julian Kurland manages a list of esoteric European finds, American craft brews, and New York City suds, and he pairs them with aplomb—setting the stage for a seriously good meal and time.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Butcher Board: Head Cheese, Pork Liver Terrine, Sweatbreads and Lime-Chili Aïoli, Fried Pig Ears, Rabbit Sausage, and House-made Pickles
  • Confit Lamb Neck and Ribs, Lamb Fat Fries, Pita, Tzatziki, and Arugula-Cress Salad

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