Restaurant at Peulla Hotel


Day Trip to Peulla, Chile and Lunch at Peulla Hotel - Peulla, Chile

Casilla 1189
Peulla, Chile
+59 65-560480

Tucked into a western corner of Lake Todos Los Santos, the eco-tourist haven of Peulla is most easily accessed by boat. Flanked by the Andes and Osorno Volcano, Peulla Hotel is an ideal stop for lunch and accommodations. The meals waiting at the hotel are festive, outdoor events, featuring dishes like Spit-roasted Wild Boar and Zapallo Pumpkin Soup. Save room for a selection of desserts—the restaurant's pies, mousses, and cakes that are well earned treats after a day of hiking and boating.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Spit-roasted Wild Boar Chop with Pinóñes Purée and Ulmo Honey Sauce
  • Zapallo Pumpkin Soup with Croutons

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