Restaurant Pacherhof


Chef Richard Pichler and Co-owners Josef Huber and Monika Huber of Restaurant Pacherhof - Novacella, Italy

Pacherweg 1
Novacella, BZ, Italy 39040
+39 0472 835 717
Hours: Daily 7am-11pm

In the small village of Novacella, where winding roads curve around vineyards that climb the rocky hillsides, family-run Hotel Parcherhof offers guests a taste of the simple life (with the necessary soupçon of luxury). The restaurant serves regional classics, augmented by the skill of Chef Richard Pichler to meet the spa hotel’s elegant atmosphere. The menu changes daily according to the chef’s ritual stroll through the hotel garden, but keep an eye out for Eisack Valley Parkerhaus Sylvana White Wine Soup with Parsley, which is tangy, light, and frothy, and made from the family vineyard’s wines.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Eisack Valley Parkerhaus Sylvana White Wine Soup

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