Pied à Terre


Chef Marcus Eaves of Pied a Terre - London, England

34 Charlotte Street
London, UK W1T 2NH
+44 (0)020 7636 1178
Hours: Sun-Wed 5pm-midnight; Thurs 5pm-1am; Fri-Sat 5pm-2am

Pied à Terre is just what its namesake suggests: a cozy venue on intimate Charlotte Street, a home away from home. But it also has been a second home for many of London’s great chefs, including Tom Aikens, 2008 Rising Star Neil Ferguson, and legendary Australian expat Shane Osborne, who opened the restaurant. Pied à Terre opened in 1991 under Chef Richard Neat, who ran the food lover’s sanctuary until 1996, when he was succeeded by Aikens and later Osborne. The reputation for excellence upheld by those chefs continues now with Chef Marcus Eaves, who took over as head chef in 2011. Despite its rich history, Pied à Terre is not mired in the past, but instead constantly trying to evolve. And under Eaves—and with menus devoted to fresh, seasonal product (a rooftop garden sports herbs, blueberries, honey, and other products)—it is likely to keep its pedigree intact.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Quail Salad, Quail Kiev, and Douglas Fir
  • Marinated Scottish Scallops and Celeriac Pureé
  • John Dory, Wild Sea Fennel, Grapefruit Gel, Squid, Black Olives, and Pine Nuts

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