Monday Night Brewing


Brewers Jonathan Baker and Joel Iverson of Monday Night Brewing - Atlanta, GA

Hours: Tasting times vary

Brewers Jonathan Baker, Joel Iverson, and Jeff Heck may own one of the only breweries in America to start out of a Bible study group, but they are hardly austere choir boys. Coming together six years ago, the trio loved the process of beer making but also the community it engendered; every Monday night they congregate in one of their garages and “crowd source” their brews to about 100 people each week, who give feedback on the flavor, the beer names, even the logos on the bottles. Producing mid-range, easy-drinking beers for the “nine-to-fiver,” this trio has set out to prove, as stated in their logo, that “weekends are overrated.”

Recommended Dishes:
  • Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale
  • Eye Patch Ale

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