Miso Izakaya


Chef Guy Wong of Miso Izakaya - Atlanta, GA

619 Edgewood Avenue SE # 101
Atlanta, GA 30312
(678) 701-012
Hours: Mon: 5:30pm-10pm; Tue-Sat 5:30pm-12am

Whether you want traditional Japanese mother's home cooking or the late-night grub every chef has been talking about in Atlanta, head to Miso Izakaya. 2012 Atlanta Rising Star Chef Guy Wong, who trained at an izakaya in Japan before launching his own version, puts his heart and soul into the food. And while Wong could have gone for Asian lanterns when it came to the d├ęcor, Miso Izakaya is understated and elegant with modern lamps and dark wood. Atmosphere aside, the food is the real reason to head to this Old Fourth Ward restaurant. It's not the motif, it's Wong's congee and kimchi rice that are unforgettable.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Pork Kimchi Rice
  • Crispy Garlic Shrimp with Congee

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