Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa and Sommelier Yoshinobu Kimura of Narisawa - Tokyo, Japan

2-6-15 Minami Aoyama
Tokyo, Japan 107-0062
+81 (0)3 5785 0799
Hours: Mon-Sat noon-1pm; 6pm-9:00pm

It’s a fine line in the cooking world on whether food is art or pleasure. Narisawa smudges that line as if it were a line of reduced soy brushed across a white porcelain plate. It is one of the most sophisticated restaurants in the world, where eating a meal is just as much theater as it is sustenance. Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa, who spent years in Europe under the tutelage of Joël Robuchon and Paul Bocuse, marries French fundamentals and Japanese sensibility into a cooking style all his own. The menu reads almost like a haiku, discussing Narisawa’s cooking in almost spiritual terms: the importance of “earth” and “water” purity, and the rebirth of the God of Fire in binchō-tan white charcoal (which, he says, has created “a new form of seasoning” for the 21st century). The poetic menu and conceptualized dishes may be too heady for some diners (bread service, for example, is brought out as fermented dough and then cooked tableside in a pre-heated 300°F stone pot), but Narisawa promises nothing less than a memorable meal that will challenge how you think about your food.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Gift from Satoumi: Langoustine, Black Abalone, Monkfish, Wild Vegetables, Oyster, and Onion
  • Richard’s Soil

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