La Provence


Chef Erick Loos of La Provence - Lacombe, LA

25020 Highway 190
Lacombe, LA 70445
(985) 626-7662
Hours: Wed-Sat 5pm-9pm; Sun 11am-9pm

Set in rural Lacombe, about an hour’s drive from New Orleans across Lake Pontchartrain, La Provence is full of character and characters. Maitre d’ and bon vivant Joyce Bates has worked at the restaurant for 32 years, three decades of dinners and chefs passing through the kitchen (it’s rumored she fired a young cook named John Besh). Besh took over the iconic restaurant in 2007, and now it serves as an homage to the work of former Chef-owner Chris Kerageorgiou and also ground zero for Besh’s farm-to-table efforts. Chef de Cuisine Erik Loos oversees La Provence’s three-acre farm, raising Mangalitsa pigs and chickens, along with citrus, herbs, and vegetables. Loos takes that very local product and weaves it into a Provençal-inspired menu, with plates that nod to the restaurant’s past and its Besh-driven future. The food, bubbly, patio, fireplace, art, service, and permeating warmth of La Provence are transporting. Diners may as well haven driven across the ocean—and likely would—for an evening spent at La Provence.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Chicken Liver and Clarified Butter Mangalitsa Pork Fat Pâté
  • Calabaza Squash Ravioli, Brown Butter, Sage, Satsumas, and House-cured Mangalitsa Jowl

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