La Colombe d'Or


Chef Jeramie Robison of Cinq at La Colombe d’Or Hotel - Houston, TX

3410 Montrose Boulevard
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 524-7999

La Colombe d'Or is one of the most singular hotels in Houston. While many hotels in the city cater to the bigger-is-better crowd, this luxury hotel is one of the smallest in the world. The main building is a mansion that houses five spacious one-bedroom suites, some featuring sitting areas and dining rooms. And across the street sit the Villas at the Court of Colombe with one- or two-bedroom suites with separate living areas and kitchens. The hotel is optimally located for tourists, minutes away from some of the city's best museums and attractions. And for the culinary minded, Cinq at La Colombe d'Or is perfect fit for this luxurious and intimate hotel.

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