Grand Prize Bar


Mixologist Alba Huerta of Grand Prize Bar - Houston, TX

1010 Banks Street
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 526-4566
Hours: Mon-Sun 4pm-2am

With drinks and grub from Mixologist Alba Huerta and Chefs Richard Knight and James Silk housed under one roof off Montrose boulevard, Grand Prize Bar is a difficult spot to leave. Beyond the vittles newly available from Feast chefs Knight and Silk, Huerta’s fun, well-priced drinks draw a loyal following. And it doesn't hurt that there are pool tables, live music, and an outdoor patio for entertainment. It might be tucked into a tiny house, but Grand Prize deserves all the swagger of its name.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Bee's Knees: Gin, Blackberries, and Honey Syrup
  • Mezcalero: Mezcal, Pear, Lemon, and Cayenne Pepper

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