Chef Graham Elliot of Grahamwich - Chicago, IL

615 North State Street
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 265-0434‎
Hours: Mon-Sun 8am-8pm

2005 Rising Star Chef Graham Elliot Bowles generated enough attention through his Twitter account to stir up something of a phenomenon with his sandwich joint, grahamwich. And apart from the décor (including mismatched vintage trays and a little come-hither pastry case) and adorably-dressed staff, the sandwiches do a great job balancing gooey and crispy, fatty and acidic, and absolutely delicious with I’ll-have-another. A new menu with all new sandwiches has just rolled out—only the irreplaceable Grilled Cheese and Pastrami Rueben remain from the original. Sides include homemade chips, pickles, and popcorn, and sweet soft serve for dessert.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Grilled Cheese: Wisconsin Cheddar, Shaved Prosciutto, Tomato Marmalade, Cheese Curds, and Pullman Loaf
  • Smoked Whitefish, Shredded Carrots, Salted Almonds, Raisin Chutney, Curry Aioli, and Indian Naan

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