Wine Tasting at Daniel in honor of Chef Daniel Boulud - New York, NY

60 East 65th Street
New York, NY 10065
(212) 288-0033
Hours: Mon-Sat 5:45pm-11pm

At Daniel Boulud’s flagship restaurant, the springboard for many a great young chef, chandeliers, Limoges porcelain tiles, and bronze wall sconces are the only concession to the formal French dining experience. Daniel’s modern French cuisine is conceptually untraditional, bringing the rustic intimacy of Boulud’s Lyon farm childhood to a kitchen stocked with the highest grade ingredients and a serious respect for their integrity. Dishes like supple veal tenderloin with sweetbreads-stuffed tomatoes and butter-poached abalone exhibit the elegant, playful, and subtly inquisitive style that makes Daniel one of the most influential kitchens in the country, if not the world. A thoughtful wine list and rich, playful dessert offerings round out this unabashedly serious dining experience.

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