Pastry Chef Amanda Cook of Cookshop - New York, NY

156 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(212) 924-4440
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-11:30pm; Sat 11am-11:30pm; Sun 11am-10pm

The wide (or wider) open spaces of Tenth Avenue means more natural light can flood into Chef Marc Meyer’s Cookshop, apt for a restaurant that pays aggressive, and refined, homage to the natural roots of cuisine. “Farmers are the original chefs,” or so says the Cookshop website, a testament to Meyer’s efforts to bridge the gap between those overall-ed proto-chefs (and their artisan, cheesemonger-ing brethren) and his own fast-paced modern kitchen. A wide open space of its own, Cookshop is a sleek corner restaurant softened by tall windows, tea lights and earth tones—and anchored by a massive oven and mouthwatering rotisserie. Pastry Chef Amanda Cook compliments Meyer’s craftsman-farmer adulation with gently rustic desserts that dabble in nostalgia and pop with the bright acidity of market fresh fruit (like the white nectarines and blackberries in her changing Market Fruit Galette).

Recommended Dishes:
  • Market Fruit Galette: Nectarines, Almond Cream Cake, and Buttermilk Ice Cream
  • Popcorn Sundae: Semolina Custard Cake, Fresh Sweet Corn Ice Cream Caramel Popcorn, Salted Butterscotch, and Whipped Butter Mousse with Aleppo Pepper Garnish

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