Cocina Mapu Iyagl Mapuche Cooking School


Harvest and Lunch with the Mapuche People at the Cocina Mapu Iyagl Cooking School - Curarrehue, Chile

The intimate Cocina Mapu Iyagl cooking school in the southern town of Curarrehue teaches traditional Mapuche cookery. Owner Anita Epulef is renowned across South America for her abilities as an instructor, and a visit to Cocina Mapu Iyagl in a hand-on learning experience. Visitors can join Epulef on harvesting and foraging expeditions and then turn the local product into a Mapuche feast, using traditional coking methods. Western travelers will learn the joys of nalca root (a rhubarb cousin), piñon (giant pine nuts), Andean potatoes, and albaricoque (tiny, tart plums). A veritable expert on her local cuisine, Epulef brings every ounce of her wisdom to the table—whether you’re preparing or dining together.

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