Cariani Porchetta Umbra


Owner Gialiorna Carioni of Cariani Porchetta Farm - Montefalco, Italy

Localitá Torre 87
Montefalco, 06036
+39(0) 742-379816

Started 50 years ago by Enrico Cariani, Cariani Porchetta Umbra is an Umbrian family-owned company currently run by son Enrico Cariani. Tours of the factory show off the process: in order to make the best porchetta—which they sell to local shops and purveyors—the team uses only pigs bred in Umbria, 7- to 8 month-old porcine, 100 kilograms in weight. After the butchering process, the meat is rubbed with salt, pepper, rosemary, garlic, and wild fennel—the classic Umbrian seasonings—stuffed with liver, and cooked on a stainless steel pole in the oven until it reaches porchetta perfection.

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