Brooklyn Brewery


Head Brewer Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery - Brooklyn, NY

79 North 11th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 486-7422
Hours: Fri 6pm-11pm; Sat noon-8pm; Sun noon-6pm

As the godfathers of the New York City brewing scene, Steve Hindy and Tom Potter’s Brooklyn Brewery has been the most recognizable name in the New York beer scene since its founding in 1987. And with the hiring of Head Brewer Garrett Oliver in 1994 and the opening of their Williamsburg, Brooklyn, space in 1996, the brewery has become one of the foremost craft beer presences in the United States—and even the world. Currently sold in 25 states and 20 countries, Brooklyn Brewery is now aligning itself with fine-dining restaurants. Oliver hosts numerous beer dinners around the world and has recently hired an in-house chef to build an event space kitchen at the brewery. Keep your eyes open for Sorachi Ace, with its bright, refreshing carbonation and lemony hops or the heavily carbonated citrus saison that pairs well with everything from Thai food to a simple roast chicken.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Sorachi Ace

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