7chome Kyoboshi


Chef Shigeya Sakakibara of 7chome Kyoboshi - Tokyo, Japan

Ohjio Building, 6th floor, 5-9-9 Ginza
Tokyo, Japan 104-0061
+81 (0)3 3572 3568
Hours: Mon-Sun noon-3pm; 5pm-9pm

The only tempura restaurant in the world with three Michelin stars, 7chome Kyoboshi is not for everybody. After all, not everyone is able (or willing) to plunk down a minor shogun’s ransom for what is essentially fried food, and some say its repute is oversold. But for those who want some of the best tempura in the world, Chef Shigeya Sakakibara is their man; having spent more than 30 years adhering to the “kaizen” theory of continuous improvement, his dishes reflect a pursuit of the freshest ingredients cooked in the most appropriate way. The restaurant originally opened in 1952 in Kyoto, but later moved to Tokyo, where it has flourished since (it is named after its original address). 7chome Kyoboshi has a very specific way of doing things: Sakakibara claims he has never altered the tempura batter or the oil, insisting he can tell the oil’s temperature by the way it feels. And instead of a traditional garnish, he uses salts, lemon juice, and horseradish. Each dish is fried by Sakakibara (he is the only chef, though he has a prep cook) and is served as a single item with regular (but welcome) interruptions of small tempura-fried ebi prawns.

Recommended Dishes:
  • Quail Egg
  • Fig

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