Vanilla Noodles, Hazelnut Croquant, Big Bison Ale Ice Cream, and Micro Cilantro

Adapted by
June 2012
Yield: 10 servings


Vanilla Noodles
750 grams whole milk
3 grams salt
1 gram locust bean gum
5 grams agar agar
5 grams vanilla bean paste
500 grams white chocolate
Big Bison Ale Ice Cream
2½ kilograms whole milk
525 grams heavy cream
30 grams trimoline
900 grams sugar
420 grams egg yolks
10 grams salt
450 grams Big Bison Ale, or similar style beer
Candied Micro Celery
micro celery
simple syrup
To Assemble and Serve
hazelnut croquant
orange supremes
edible flowers


For the Vanilla Noodles:
In a saucepot, bring the milk and salt to a simmer. Pour into a blender, add locust bean gum and agar agar, and blend for 30 seconds. Pour into a clean pot and cook for 5 minutes, whisking constantly. Pour back into the blender and slowly add the white chocolate. Line 2 half sheet trays with acetate, lightly spray, and pour mixture onto trays.

For the Big Bison Ale Ice Cream:
In a saucepot, bring the milk, heavy cream, and trimoline to a simmer. Whisk together the sugar and egg yolks. Temper the milk mixture into the sugar-yolk mixture, then bring to nappé. Add the salt. Strain and set over an ice bath to chill. Once cold, whisk in the beer. Freeze in an ice cream machine according to manufacturer’s instructions.

For the Candied Micro Celery:
Use your fingertips to coat the micro celery with simple syrup. Dust lightly with granulated sugar and air dry.

To Assemble and Serve:
Cut the White Chocolate Noodles into thin strips with a sharp knife and place in a bowl. Sprinkle with the hazelnut croquant. Arrange orange segments on top of the noodles and top with a scoop of the Big Bison Ale Ice Cream. Garnish with the Candied Micro Celery and edible flowers.