Starter Dough

Adapted by
June 2012


Rye Starter Day 1
100 grams room temperature water
100 grams organic whole grain rye flour
Day 3
rye starter
100 grams unbleached bread flour
Day 5
60 grams rye starter
45 grams room temperature water
90 grams unbleached bread flour
For Day 7 and Onwards
10 grams rye starter
25 grams water
50 grams unbleached bread flour


For Rye Starter Day 1:
Combine the water and organic whole grain rye flour. Keep at room temperature for 48 hours.

For Day 3:
Mix all of the Starter and the unbleached bread flour to combine, and keep at room temperature for 48 hours.

For Day 5:
Combine the Rye Starter, water, and unbleached bread flour. Keep at room temperature for 48 hours.

For Day 7 and Onwards:
By day 7, the Starter will show signs of life. Continue to "refresh" the starter with regular feedings (of 25 parts water and 50 parts bread flour to every 10 grams Rye Starter) just as it crests and starts to fall. It is very important to pay attention and feed the Starter at these times, as these times will continue to shorten to twice a day depending on ambient temperature and the development of the Starter. After a couple of weeks, a regular schedule should develop, and the "personality" of the Starter will be evident (i.e. when something is wrong it will be apparent). Adjust hydration rates as per your sourdough recipe with proportionate flour and water; lower hydration rates will yield a stiffer starter.