Smoked Salmon Belly, Golden Egg, and Parmesan Vinaigrette

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February 2013
Yield: 12 servings


Smoked Salmon Belly
12 ounces sugar
12 ounces kosher salt
4 dried Thai chilies
½ cup gin
2 teaspoons cayenne pepper
Zest of 3 lemon
Zest of 3 limes
Zest of 3 oranges
5 grams allspice, toasted and ground
10 grams star anise, toasted and ground
5 grams black peppercorns, toasted and ground
10 grams fresh parsley
1 12- to 14-pound salmon, skin on
Golden Eggs
1 dozen extra large eggs, tempered for 1 hour at room temperature
3 cups panko breadcrumbs, finely ground
fryer oil
Parmesan Vinaigrette
100 grams Parmesan , cut into small dice
25 grams lemon juice
25 grams red wine vinegar
10 grams lemon peel, pith removed
2 grams black peppercorns, toasted
15 grams salt
4 egg yolks
300 grams grapeseed oil
100 grams olive oil
kosher salt
To Assemble and ServeTo Assemble and Serve
extra virgin olive oil
minced chives
coarse sea salt
black pepper
lemon wedges


For the Smoked Salmon Belly:
In a food processor, combine the sugar, salt, chilies, gin, cayenne, citrus zest, allspice, pepper, and parsley. Process until a course mixture has formed. Generously coat both sides of the salmon with cure and cover tightly with plastic wrap. Cure for 12 hours. Remove fish from cure, rinse well under cold water, and pat dry. Place the fish filets on cooling racks set atop sheet pans and refrigerate 12 hours more. Prepare a cold smoker with wet apple chips and smoke for 2 hours.

For the Golden Eggs:
Heat the water bath of an immersion circulator to 145°F; gently drop the eggs into the bath and cook sous vide for 45 minutes, or until white is fully set and yolk remains runny with an internal temperature of 143.5°F. Cool eggs in ice bath. Fill a bowl with the breadcrumbs and crack the eggs directly into breadcrumbs, gently covering all surfaces of the eggs. Preheat fryer oil to 375°F and gently fry eggs until golden brown, about 17 seconds. Remove eggs from oil, drain on paper towels, and season with salt. 

For the Parmesan Vinaigrette:
In a blender, combine the cheese, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, lemon peel, peppercorns, salt, and egg yolks; process on high until smooth. While blender is still running on high, slowly stream in oils to emulsify.

To Assemble and Serve:
Remove skin and bloodline from Smoked Salmon Belly and cut into thin, sashimi-style portions. Arrange sashimi on a cold appetizer plate, drizzle with olive oil, and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on top. Lightly season with salt, pepper, and chives. Dress the fish and plate with a few drops of Parmesan Vinaigrette. Place a Golden Egg in the center of the Smoked Salmon Belly and season with salt and pepper.