Olive Oil Truffles

Adapted by StarChefs.com
December 2011


22 ounces dark chocolate
13 ounces cream
2.5 ounces invert sugar
4 ounces Spanish olive oil
- fleur de sel


Create a chablon (a very thin foot of untempered chocolate) on a sheet pan flipped upside down and covered with parchment paper. Melt the chocolate over double boiler until just a few chunks remain. Pour into the food processor. Meanwhile, scald cream. Pour cream through drip spout on processor into chocolate. Process until fully incorporated and emulsified. Let cool down to 90ºF. Add invert sugar and process. Then pour olive oil through drip spout until full incorporated. Pour into prepared frame. Let sit overnight. Cut into desired shape. We use a guitar cutter for perfect squares. Let separated pieces sit for several hours to form a dry exterior to make enrobing easier. Enrobe or hand-dip in dark chocolate. Garnish as desired. Garnish with fleur de sel.