Red Tuna: Tribute Through Absence with the Color of Urgency

Adapted by
November 2011
Yield: 10 Servings


1 crapaudine beet, cooked in hot embers
rice vinegar
Sea Water
214 grams cold water
18 Youndoo natural liquid seasoning
6 grams of red cabbage juice
Gochujang Sauce
20 grams gochujang
5 grams black rice vinegar
10 grams old mirin rice wine
To Assemble and Serve
50 grams Korean dried anchovies
50 grams kimchi, crushed
chive shoots
Red land cress
Nasturtium root pickles
30 raw cockles
rice vinegar


For the Beet:

Peel the cooked crapaudine beet. Cut the beet into cubes and rectangular parallelepipeds (three-dimensional figures formed by six parallelograms) of different dimensions. Dip the beet forms in a small amount of rice vinegar for 2 minutes. Remove the beet forms from the vinegar, dab dry, and set aside at ambient temperature.
For the Sea Water:

Combine the cold water, Youndoo, and fresh red cabbage juice and leave it to rest in a cool place.
For the Gochujang Sauce:

Combine the gochujang, black rice vinegar, and mirin, and reserve in a dosing burette.
To Assemble and Serve:

Briefly immerse the dried anchovies in hot oil at 180°C. Dab dry and set aside. On a plate with a depression, arrange the Beets with a little crushed kimchi. Arrange the fried anchovies, chive shoots, red land cress, nasturtium root pickles, and cockles on top of and around the Beets. Add drops of the Gochujang Sauce to the plate. Pour the Sea Water (it will be blue) around the Beets. Tableside, pour the rice vinegar into the Sea Water to change the blue hue to bright pink.